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Acne Cortisone Injection

Acne that causes a cyst on the face can be embarrassing, especially when you need to face the world with your confidence intact. While creams, medications, and lotions can often help, it can take several days to work.

When you don’t have days to wait for an acne cyst to disappear, consider acne cortisone injections. Cortisone is a type of medication that can reduce the inflammation of acne. It shrinks the cysts and eliminates most of the redness, which can make it much easier to hide with makeup.

Acne cortisone injections will only work with cysts not filled with pus because the pus dilutes the medication. Cysts that are a quarter of an inch or larger respond to this injection the best. Injections can be done on the face, chest, and back. Final results take up to 8 hours.

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